Everybody’s Golf Portable 2, PSP

Known as “Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2” in North America and Everybody’s Golf Portable 2 everywhere else, this superb golf game is arguably the stand-out sports title on the PSP.

It’s the eighth game in the Everybody’s Golf series and first came out in 2007.

It is slightly more refined than its predecessor, with a number of different play modes, unlockables, beautiful presentation and lots of delicious on-screen golfing information.

Single-player, the game has a number of different challenges including match play and tournaments. There’s also stroke play, training, and some excellent minigames available.

Playing Everybody’s Golf Portable 2 is extremely easy; it’s simply a case of timing button presses and lining up your shots correctly.

Driving I found to be straightforward, but putting – as you’d expect – is far more difficult. Your caddie chooses which club to use for a particular shot, so you don’t have to worry about that unless you turn the caddie off (recommended for hardcore players).

The game did feature a popular 16-player multiplayer mode, but the servers were shut down in 2011 so there’s currently no way to play multiplayer games any more.

Everybody’s Golf Portable 2 is a wonderful little golf game that will appeal to both adults and kids. Shooting 18 holes on a handheld has never been so much fun – and the minigames are particularly good.

More: Everybody’s Golf Portable 2 on Wikipedia

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