Mega Man 8, PlayStation

By the time Mega Man reached the Sony PlayStation in 1996 he’d undergone another make-over. This one mostly aesthetic – Capcom going for a different look and feel to the SNES games, and – it has to be said – not looking nearly as good.

The only thing that is disappointing about Mega Man 8 is the typography, which is weak and lets the graphical look of the game down. Otherwise: the graphics are nicely drawn and animated. And, ah, the blurry anime sequences, which look a bit murky next to the crisp game sections. That said: when this game first came out most people were still using Cathode Ray Tube TVs, so it wouldn’t have looked so bad.

Mega Man‘s usual traits are all present in this first PlayStation outing, including his distinctive jump, slide, and arm cannon. On occasion you might get a different game mechanic to spice up the platforming, such as an elevator sequence, or a floating skateboard ride, but they’re hardly groundbreaking playability wise.

Mega Man games are what they are. On occasion you might get something quite leftfield, but Mega Man 8 isn’t one of those games. This is one’s fairly standard, although wonderfully crafted. Where are all the ladders though? You usually get plenty of ladders to climb in a Mega Man game… Didn’t see any in this.

More: Mega Man 8 on Wikipedia

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