Solstice, NES

Solstice is a neat isometric platform/puzzle game from British developer Software Creations. It was published by Sony for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990 and is the (spiritual?) predecessor to the Super Nintendo game Equinox.

I think Solstice has stood the test of time relatively well. The titchy graphics are cute and well drawn. There’s not much animation, but then a lot of games were like that at the time. Control of the main character is solid – he can change direction in mid air, which allows for some deft leaping. It is, however, too easy to accidentally walk into a doorway when moving around the tiny rooms. Which is a problem when it upsets your puzzle-solving by re-setting the room (happened to me all the time).

Solstice is a very good NES game overall, though. An obscure gem – and a rare British one (no pun intended).

More: Solstice on Wikipedia

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