Equinox, Super Nintendo

Sony‘s Equinox is an isometric platform adventure that was first released in 1994. It was a Super Nintendo only release, and wasn’t converted to any other platforms. It is also a sequel to the NES game Solstice.

Equinox is a relatively simple puzzle/action hybrid in the mould of Knight Lore and Monster Max, although – at one point – it was going to be something much more in-depth. It’s fairly well-known among games fans that Manchester-based developer Software Creations had originally intended Equinox to be an RPG, with absorbing combat and levelling, but – for some reason – Sony cut the game back and decided to release it as a platform puzzle game instead.

In the end, Equinox is neither here nor there in terms of genre, although it is a beautifully-designed game that works very well on the SNES and is more than good enough to warrant playing nowadays.

More: Equinox on Wikipedia

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