Midtown Madness 3, XBox

Microsoft‘s Midtown Madness games have always been fun to play, but this third instalment in the series is arguably the best, with the most detail. It was an original XBox exclusive, first released in 2003.

At its core is an ‘underground’ job system, which nets you points and cash for making successful deliveries against rivals. Of course Midtown Madness 3 has regular races in both single and multiplayer. It also has a ‘cruising’ mode that just allows you to ride around for fun.

What the game is is basically a chance to drive around in some great old classics, and also new cars – from big, bouncy American cadillacs, to dinky European micro cars. The game is low on realism, but high on laughs. Single or multi-player, Midtown Madness 3 is a riot. You can’t run pedestrians down though!

More: Midtown Madness 3 on Wikipedia

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