Krusty’s Super Fun House, Super Nintendo

Krusty’s Super Fun House was developed by Fox Williams and Audiogenic and was published on the Super Nintendo in 1992 by Acclaim.

The game is a single-player platform puzzler, with you – as Krusty – directing small rats to an extermination area at the end of various obstacles. Each level is a puzzle, and a certain number of rats must be exterminated to win.

It’s a bit like Lemmings, although instead of leading little furry creatures to freedom you are leading them to their deaths… I guess it’s fitting to the caustic nature of Krusty the Clown’s wit. Anyway, yeah – the puzzles. Some of them are head-bangingly difficult-but-glaringly-obvious, while others are seemingly impossible but ultimately straightforward.

The graphics in the Super Nintendo version I think are better than any of the other versions around (and there are a lot of them). In fact: Krusty’s Super Fun House was almost made for the SNES and is a must-own title on the system.

More: Krusty’s Fun House on Wikipedia


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