International Soccer, Commodore 64

Andrew Spencer‘s International Soccer is a very early football game for the Commodore 64. And by “very early” I mean: 1983.

It stood out from other football games on the market at the time because it had a modicum of playability. You could at least take possession of the ball and have shots on target. You could at least kick the ball in the right direction…

The graphics in this game have always been basic, but the expanded sprites I guess have become more endearing over the decades. Hell, the chunky graphics were dated even back in 1983…

Back in 1983 gamers also didn’t have much choice, and International Soccer cemented its name in gaming history when Commodore decided to release the game in cartridge format. Very few C64 games were awarded this honour and Spencer‘s game became the ‘go-to’ football game on the Commodore 64 as a result.

International Soccer was also re-released numerous times during the life of the C64. It is a game that most Commodore 64 enthusiasts have played at least once in their lives.

More: International Soccer on Wikipedia

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