Driller, PC

American publisher Epyx released UK hit game Driller onto US PC markets under the title of Space Station Oblivion in 1988.

There was no need for a title change really. Driller says it all.

The PC MS-DOS version is the fastest and smoothest of all the 16-bit versions around. Well, of ALL the versions around. Unless someone’s remade it and I’ve yet to notice…

PC Driller doesn’t have the intricate cockpit graphics of the ST and Amiga versions, but it does have the zip. It’s fast. And can be played in CGA (four colour) and EGA (16 colour) modes.

Which version of Driller has the greatest frame rate? Probably this one, although it doesn’t have the ‘artisnal’ graphical quality of the Atari ST version.

Driller versions:
ZX SpectrumAmstrad CPCAtari ST, PC MS-DOS, Commodore 64.

More: Driller on Wikipedia

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