Medal of Honor: Infiltrator, Game Boy Advance

The second Medal of Honor game on the Game Boy Advance, and a fantastic, all-action overhead shooter, first released Electronic Arts in 2003.

Medal of Honor: Infiltrator puts you into the boots of Corporal Jake Murphy, and throws you into miniature versions of some of the most famous battles of World War II. Gameplay is mostly third-person, although there are some first-person sections where you’re shooting things with an aiming recticle.

The graphics in Infiltrator are detailed and colourful, and the music and sound is quite good too, with some decent tunes driving the action along.

Overall: Medal of Honor: Infiltrator is a hugely fun game, with plenty of militaristic destruction and grenades and tracers flying everywhere. Taking control of a machine gun is particularly memorable. Being able to sneak up on the enemy and stealthily knock them out is fun too. It makes the action a bit more strategic than simply blasting away.

More: Medal of Honor: Infiltrator on Wikipedia

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