Head Over Heels, MSX

The MSX got a pretty much perfect conversion of Head Over Heels, although I’m not sure who the person was who converted it.

Colin Porch isn’t mentioned, so I wonder if it was Jon Ritman himself who did the MSX conversion. I will have to find out…

The MSX version had colours that were slightly more vivid than the ZX Spectrum and C64 versions, and – depending on which MSX you were using – it also ran faster too.

Of all the 8-bit computer versions, the MSX version runs the fastest and has the most responsive controls.

More: Head Over Heels on Wikipedia

Head Over Heels on the King of Grabs:
ZX Spectrum versionCommodore 64 versionAmstrad CPC versionMSX version, Atari 800 version, Atari ST versionAmiga versionPC version, Head Over Heels Week


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