Project Zomboid PC 26

Project Zomboid, PC

Project Zomboid is a fantastic, post-apocalyptic, zombie survival horror game that was first released on Steam in 2011 and continues to evolve to this day.

The aim of the game is to make the most of the resources at your disposal, to live for as long as possible, and to keep the undead masses at bay.

At its heart, Project Zomboid is what you would call a “sandbox” game. Meaning: you can play the game in an open-ended manner, within whatever rules you have chosen, in the many and varied options open to you.

By default, the game offers “proper zombies” – and, by ‘proper’, that means: with fairly acute senses, and the ability to get to you, depending on your visibility and the noises that you make. You can tweak the settings to however you want them – make the zombies harder or lesser, depending on how you want to play. You can play with gore on or off (or high, which is what I normally do). You can use vehicles to drive around in (much fun). You can build fences and outposts. You can forage, cook, collect water, farm your own food, and all manner of other cool things. You can use radios and TVs to try to find allies. You can play single-player or multiplayer. You can even play ‘Challenge’ scenarios that focus the sandbox concept into short, sharp, shock-style storyline type experiences.

In fact: Project Zomboid is a feature-laden joy to play, and – because the game is undergoing a long-term ‘Early Access’ development plan – it is constantly evolving, with regular updates to everything from the graphics to character skills and traits, to every single feature in the game. Every time I dive in to play I see new features being added. Like, recently, I even saw vehicle maintenance added. The level of detail is really quite astounding.

As a zombie film fanatic myself, I can recommend Project Zomboid wholeheartedly – it has a great atmosphere (the music in particular is amazing), is very easy to play, is very well-written, is ace to grab, and is unique in the way it is evolving – both via developer The Indie Stone’s constant hard work (they are small team – not a large company – and the plan has always been to build it up over time), and through the efforts of community modding.

If you like survival horror games you’d be mad to miss out on Project Zomboid, and – for the price (a mere £9.99) – you do get a lot of game for your money. You get a lot of fun. Just don’t moan that it’s in ‘Early Access’ – that is the crux of the idea behind the development of the game! In my mind: only idiots complain about PZ being “unfinished”. And don’t moan if your ‘treasured’ character dies either. In Project Zomboid: death is inevitable!

Anyway: here are just a few of my favourite Project Zomboid grabs. Enjoy.

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Project Zomboid
Project Zomboid: this is how you died…

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