Nebulus 2: Pogo-A-Go-Go, Amiga

I won’t beat around the bush: I absolutely HATE Nebulus 2: Pogo-A-Go-Go.

I wanted to love it – because I love the original Nebulus – but this game is NOT by the original author (John M. Phillips), and – after playing it for a few hours for the first time this week – I can only conclude that it is absolute rubbish.

For starters: Nebulus 2 is unforgiving, unfair, overly complicated (having you stop when you pick up gift boxes is a disastrous idea), and frankly unplayable. For seconds: the in-between level ‘bonus’ games are truly awful – like throwbacks to the bad old days of gaming where gameplay didn’t matter. For thirds: the graphics are hideously coloured – garish and unappealing.

If you’re one of the misguided fools who think that Nebulus 2 is “good” (and there are plenty of idiots out there who think that), then go and read Gary Penn’s original review in Amiga Power. It’s available online. Gary hit the nail on the head. Nebulus 2 is/was a huge missed opportunity. It’s NOT fun to play, and it looks really BAD. It’s a pity most other commentators out there cannot see this fact.

Nebulus 2 is an awful attempt to carry on the fine Nebulus tradition, and deserves its place in obscurity.

More: Nebulus 2 on Moby Games

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