Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Arcade

Sega made the (frankly bonkers) arcade game Moonwalker – starring Michael Jackson – based on his 1988 film of the same name.

Moonwalker was released into arcades in 1990 to cries of derision… because it was all just so ridiculous. It’s a beat ’em up with dancing, and Jackson “saving the children”. Cheesy as hell… Like Jackson’s career had become at that point. A parody. A waft from Jarvis Cocker’s trousers. And Jackson is credited as the game’s concept designer. I can imagine the meeting where he pitched it to the execs… I bet that was interesting…

Sega did a decent job with the graphics, but as for the gameplay… Jackson turning into a giant robot whenever he touches his pet chimp Bubbles tells you all you need to know about the gameplay…

Moonwalker is fun – for up to three players simultaneously – if you just fancy a snort, a grunt, and a finger point. It doesn’t offer much more than a giggle though.

Does Twin Galaxies have people sending in scores for Moonwalker? I dunno. I can’t be bothered to check. But – knowing this crazy world that we live in – I wouldn’t be surprised if there was…

“Who’s bad?!” This game. This game is BAD.

More: Moonwalker on Wikipedia

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