Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, PC

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame was originally released for PC MS-DOS by Broderbund in 1993, but has a had a number of high def Apple-based remakes since.

Like the first Prince of Persia, The Shadow and the Flame is a side-on, Persian-infused action/platform game with sword fighting and fantasy elements.

And – also like the original Prince of Persia – this sequel uses “rotoscoping” to help create the animation effects. Rotoscoping is where you take actual film footage of a subject, and use it as an animation reference. The result is: very realistic animation. Particularly of human figures. Making the play experience more cinematic. In theory, at least.

One other similarity to the original is that Prince of Persia 2 is very tough. The gameplay is unforgiving and can be quite brutal at times.

But all other similarities end there.

Graphically, the sequel is lovely, and very colourful. Much more lush than its predecessor. Blue skies, beaches, flying carpets, underground caverns… The presentation throughout is excellent and follows on from the first game nicely.

There are also a number of key story sequences that really add variety to the gameplay, like having to run and jump for a leaving boat, and getting to ride a horse.

The great variety, as you run from one swashbuckling scene to the next, is what makes Prince of Persia 2 worth playing now.

More: Prince of Persia 2 on Wikipedia

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