Gyron, ZX Spectrum

Gyron was developed by released by Firebird Software in 1985 and was something of a bolt out of the blue at the time. Nothing quite like it had been seen before.

You play as a Hedroid and roam a wireframe 3D maze, avoiding towers and spheres, while searching for the exit goal. In other words: you’re just trying not to get squished on your way out…

Tense gameplay and tricky timings. If you complete the first bit – The Atrium – you then get to challenge The Necropolis, a more difficult maze. And if you beat that then you get a pat on the back because it’s further than I’ve ever managed to get in Gyron.

Strange that the game doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. It must have its fans…

What do YOU think of Gyron? Too dry? A fantastic challenge? Let me know by commenting.

More: Gyron on World of Spectrum

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