Gribbly’s Day Out, Commodore 64

Andrew Braybrook’s 1985 cult hit Gribbley’s Day Out is a strange kind of platform game in which you control a bouncing (and floating) head on a foot thing, called Gribbly Grobbly, and have to collect baby gribblets before the creatures roaming the landscape get to them first. Once you’ve found a gribblet you have to pick it up and return it to the safety of a nearby cave.

Gribbly can also blow bubbles out of his mouth and sometimes these bubbles will dislodge captured gribblets from the jaws of your enemies. Parts of the landscape can be turned on and off, and the gravity effect is reasonably forgiving. Rescuing gribblets is still a tough – but rewarding – task though.

More: Gribbly’s Day Out on Wikipedia

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