SD Snatcher, MSX

SD Snatcher is a great, futuristic, level-grinding RPG that was first released on the MSX2 (in Japan only) in 1990 by Konami.

The game was co-written by Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear fame) and features overhead exploration sections, and first-person combat sections. In combat you can target individual parts of your enemies, which allows the player to erode away their capabilities.

SD Snatcher came with a cartridge that enhanced the MSX’s sound capabilities, and was also one of the first games to utilise floppy disks on the system (the game came on three).

A Dutch fan team (called Oasis) made an English translation of SD Snatcher in 2014, although I’m not sure if the patch is freely available or not.

It is worth installing and playing though, because SD Snatcher is one of the best MSX games ever made, and a worthy RPG in its own right.


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