Super Monkey Ball 2, GameCube

Sega‘s brilliant Super Monkey Ball series reaches its pinnacle with this Nintendo GameCube sequel.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is great single-player, hilarious multiplayer, a fantastic party game. Story Mode, Challenge Mode and Party Mode. And all of the tasks require a modicum of dexterity and skill.

The only downside is that it is all so relentlessly jolly. The music can drive you nuts over long periods of time… Fun game to grab though!

More: Super Monkey Ball 2 on Wikipedia

6 thoughts on “Super Monkey Ball 2, GameCube”

  1. Only ever played the first one – still got it on my Gamecube, and still dig it out for the Monkey Target game every so often – which looks to have been kept for this version too judging from your screenies? Great fun in a group.

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  2. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s sort of vanished now, hasn’t it? I seem to remember around the time they were doing SMB3 it was getting loads of spin-offs and ports and alternate versions and started getting a bit confusing, then it just seemed to vanish. Damn shame. Probably one of my Top #10 hopes to get a PC port someday.

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    1. It is a shame that it vanished. There was a SMB adventure on the GameCube, and I think a few handheld versions came out, but Sega does seem to have dropped the ball on the series. I would put money on a return, at some point.


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