Star Wars: Jedi Arena, Atari 2600

Star Wars: Jedi Arena is a 1983 video game from Parker Brothers, based on Jedi lightsabre duels from the Star Wars film series. Jedi Arena was designed and programmed by Rex Bradford and can be played by one or two players.

In one-player mode you control the blue Jedi and the computer controls the red Jedi and the aim is to score a ‘hit’ by using the “Seeker” to penetrate your opponent’s shield. The Seeker being the floating probe that moves around the arena and fires out beams that you can deflect with your lightsabre.

Each player controls their lightsabre using analogue paddles, which allows for speedier responses, but it does make this game more difficult to set up to play on more modern systems and in emulators.

Star Wars: Jedi Arena has been described as “one of the worst Star Wars games of all-time” by some, although others seem to like it. The key thing – if you want to play this game properly – is to get the analogue controls set up properly. If you can do that then you at least have a chance of extracting some enjoyment out of this ancient and obscure Star Wars game.

More: Star Wars: Jedi Arena on Wikipedia

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