Chameleon, Commodore 64

Chameleon is a side-scrolling action game by Martin Walker (of Hunter’s Moon and Citadel fame) and it was published in 1986 by Electric Dreams Software.

The truth be told: I don’t like this game very much at all, although – like all of Walker‘s games – it is very well-presented.

The idea is to trudge across four elemental levels (earth, fire, water, air), shooting God knows what those things are supposed to be (demons, apparently, although they look more like fart clouds) and collecting power points. Eventually, after collecting enough power points, the hidden exit will show itself and allow you to progress to the next realm. You have three days to find the exit in each realm and the passing of time is indicated by the sky changing.

The animation of the main character is good, but he’s not very appealing or characterful (he’ll never get his own show). The backdrops are also pretty drab and the enemy sprites are nondescript. The gameplay as a whole in Chameleon is sorely lacking in appeal. I’m sure some might warm to it, but I didn’t.

More: Chameleon on YouTube
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