Frank N Stein, Amstrad CPC

Frank N Stein on the Amstrad CPC is more or less the same as the ZX Spectrum original, except that the colours are different in this, and the Amstrad version has a really good high score table (which the original doesn’t). It was first published by PSS and Amsoft in 1985.

Frank N Stein is the same (possibly dull) gameplay as the Spectrum original, where you play as Doctor Stein – collecting human body parts across a series of platforms in order to build your Monster. You cannot jump, but you can be propelled upwards by springs, so you must use those to get around in clever fashion.

Frank N Stein is an equal mix of intrigue and confusion as you try to collect the body parts in the correct order, while avoiding touching anything hostile moving around the landscape.

The lack of a jump ability denies the player a satisfying mechanic to play with, so Frank N Stein is not particularly fun to play, since all you’re doing is timing your walks to the springs and then the body parts, eventually running for the switch next to the table at the top of the screen. These are very simple, early video game tasks that are not much fun to do on their own.

Frank N Stein was a pretty run-of-the-mill game to begin with, and the Amstrad version doesn’t bring anything new to the party. This is not a particularly memorable ‘Frankenstein‘ game and the choice of colours for the game are shocking.

More: Frank N Stein on YouTube

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