Frankenstein 2000, ZX Spectrum

Icon Software‘s 1985 release – Frankenstein 2000 – has the barest of premises when it comes to links to the Mary Shelley novel, but it does count as a ‘Frankenstein‘ game in my opinion. And it’s actually not a bad game either, which might come as a shock to some people.

The aim in this game is to bring The Monster to life by visiting ten different locations inside its body. You’re shrunk down into a tiny little flying saucer-like craft and must make your way from the Trachea to the Brain to ‘free’ The Monster (note: I say “free”, but if you do manage to actually complete the game The Monster decides to enter into your servitude, so he’s hardly ‘free’. Free to choose a life of slavery more like…).

Anyway, Frankenstein 2000 is like a collection of single-screen minigames, connected by a re-occurring side-scrolling shoot ’em up, which I believe is meant to represent you travelling through blood vessels from place to place inside The Monster’s body.

Frankenstein 2000 is well designed and presented and uses some swanky visual effects for its screen fades, which is a nice touch. The programmer – Peter Fothergill – managed to squeeze a reasonable amount into 48K and Frankenstein 2000 does have some tension as you carefully work your way through the surreal Frankenstein/Fantastic Voyage storyline.

Frankenstein 2000 is by no means the worst Frankenstein game I’ve ever played (so far that honour goes to  Bride of Frankenstein by Ariolasoft), but it’s not what I would call a ‘classic’ either. It’s just merely okay.

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