Laser Zone, ZX Spectrum

The Spectrum version of Llamasoft‘s Lazer Zone was programmed by Chris Clark for Salamander Software and first published by Quicksilva in 1983. It’s a fairly decent shoot ’em up, with a tricky dual gun mechanic to get your head around.

Spectrum Laser Zone has a nice feel to it, with chunky explosions and good sound effects that give the game some ‘oomph’.

Gameplay is difficult in single-player mode, but can be played two-player cooperative, with each player controlling just one gun. Which is the best way to play Laser Zone.

There is a goof that I noticed during transitions: starting at wave zero, instead of wave one, is such a doofus, programmery thing to do. When you’re making games commercially, you really don’t want to be doing things like that…

More: Laser Zone on World of Spectrum

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