Sonic Adventure 2, Dreamcast

The sequel to Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 is more of the same 3D running and platforming, with everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog (and friends), although this time there’s a bit more to the game than just blasting through the courses.

As I pointed out in my write-up of the first Sonic Adventure: superfast 3D platform games don’t really appeal to me very much, although I have to admit to liking this second game much more than the first, because the gameplay is more interesting.

The first level is feature-packed and high octane, compared to the first game. In it Sonic starts off riding a snowboard down some streets, then does some Tony Hawk-style rail grinding, then is chased by a truck, then must face an immediate boss battle at the end of it. It’s the kind of level that is sure to impress anyone who liked the first game. Actually, to be fair the second level isn’t too bad either. I think because this game puts more emphasis on exploration, rather than speed, it appeals to me more. It at least mixes-up the gameplay styles so that you can at least appreciate the levels, rather than zooming through them at a thousand miles an hour.

In Sonic Adventure 2 you can play the story in hero mode (as the good guys) or ‘dark’ mode (as the bad guys), which is interesting. Especially as both modes are completely different. In dark mode you actually begin the game as Dr. Robotnik (aka Dr. Eggman), sporting a pair of walking robotic legs and shooting with a lock-on laser, and then in the first boss fight you play as Shadow, Sonic‘s dark alter ego. Whichever story arc you’re playing, the game alternates playable characters between levels, which is a good thing as it adds to the variety. Each playable character has their own moveset. Boss battles are also much better in this sequel too (I thought that they were lame in the first Sonic Adventure, but in this there’s a modicum of challenge to them).

Sonic Adventure 2 also introduces a few new mechanics, like monkey bars that you can swing on, and cute Chao that you can pick up and throw at enemies. You can also collect different types of Chao and transfer them via a VMU, and even race them in Chao World.

As well as the single-player story mode there’s also a two-player versus mode, and various other extras that can be unlocked by playing through the game.

Overall, Sonic Adventure 2 is everything that Sonic Adventure should have been, and I have to admit that I quite enjoyed playing it.

More: Sonic Adventure 2 on Wikipedia

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