The Goonies, Commodore 64

Released the same year as Richard Donner‘s classic adventure comedy film of the same name, The Goonies by Datasoft is a multi-screen action adventure game for one or two players.

In each level there are two Goonies who must work together to solve simple puzzles and reach the exit to progress to the next stage. In single player mode the player can switch between these two characters by pressing the fire button on the joystick. In two-player cooperative mode each player controls a separate Goonie simultaneously.

The puzzle on the first screen – to give you some idea of what is required – begins in a house with a money printing machine in the attic. The two Goonies start on the middle floor and the Fratelli mother patrols the floor below. To distract her one of the Goonies must climb up into the attic and start the money printer. To do this one of them must push a chair from the left of the floor over to the right, so that it is underneath the hatch to the attic. They can then climb up and start the machine. The machine starts printing money and the mother is distracted, catching falling bills. This allows the Goonies to drop down to the bottom floor and move to near the fireplace on the left. Once there, one of them can knock over the water cooler, putting out the fire, and allowing them to open up the trapdoor under the fireplace, and then make good their escape into the tunnel beneath the house. Any other route taken will end in capture and a life lost. Thus begins the adventure…

There are eight different screens in total, each with its own set of puzzles to solve.

The graphics, by Kelly Day, are rudimentary and lack definition and colour, but are adequately animated and create a suitable atmosphere. The background music (not sure who created it) is a sparse adaptation of Cyndi Lauper‘s “The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough“, which older readers might remember as being a hit single in 1985.

The Goonies isn’t a bad game, but it is a bit unforgiving at times. It did however receive positive reviews from the press on release. It’s still fun to play now, in spite of its shortcomings.

More: The Goonies (video game) on Wikipedia

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