Leprechaun, Arcade

Ugh… Now this is a turkey of a game if ever I saw one… Created by Tong Electronics in 1982, Leprechaun is a dour collect ’em up that was designed for children but in fact offends their intelligence.

In fact: it would probably offend everyone now, except for those people who want to play the worst video games of all time, in which case it is probably mana from heaven…

The aim of Leprechaun? To touch as many trees as possible, in order to change their colour, before touching the pot of gold and ending the level. The more trees you touch, the higher the value of the pot when you touch it. There’s an AI-controlled chasing Leprechaun, which you must avoid at all costs; the screen wraps around if not blocked by walls; and you can use the houses as ‘warps’ to travel between, but other than that: that’s it…

Leprechaun is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. I’m struggling to think of a single redeeming feature about it… You can learn a few Irish place names, but other than that: anyone playing this is wasting their time. I wasted my time playing it to research writing this, so that you don’t have to bother… Avoid it like the clap.

More: Leprechaun on Wikipedia

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