Enduro Racer, Arcade

Yu Suzuki‘s 1986 arcade game, Enduro Racer, is seen by many as the dirt bike equivalent of Hang-On, because it uses similar technology and graphical techniques.

The Enduro Racer arcade cabinet came in two variations. One was a stand-up cabinet , with motorbike handlebars, and the other was a full-size dirt bike that you could sit on.

Enduro Racer is a bit more than Hang-On on a dirt bike, though…

The main difference – gameplay-wise – is that you can jump over humps on your bike in this, and you have to do that carefully so that you don’t land in a bad place and crash out. Which is much easier said than done! The key thing to remember, though, is to raise your front wheel when jumping or landing…

The aim of Enduro Racer is the same as Hang-On, though. You have to make it to the next checkpoint before the timer runs out. Again: much easier said than done!

Making it to a checkpoint in time really does require skill, and a certain understanding of the game – especially remembering where the obvious pitfalls are and avoiding them.

Enduro Racer is a very challenging motocross game. Maybe even the best motocross game ever made… Excitebike fans may disagree, but there’s no denying that Enduro Racer‘s classic, hardcore arcade-style gameplay has survived the rigours of time rather well.

More: Enduro Racer on Wikipedia

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