Aero Fighters 2, Neo Geo

Aero Fighters 2 (also known as Sonic Wings 2) is a superb vertically-scrolling bullet hell shooter from 1994, developed by Video System and published by SNK on the Neo Geo.

It can be played single, or simultaneous two-player, and you can choose between eight different aircraft to fly. Well, not really ‘fly’, but you know what I mean…

Aero Fighters 2 is a seriously heavyweight arcade shooter, with tough survival requirements, and insane boss battles. And it seems never-ending!

Graphically, the game is brilliant. I particularly liked the theme park level (reminded me of the superb Harmful Park), and the way the game tries to take you to landmarks around the world (yawn, yeah, I know, but it just looks so nice!) Boss battles are nuts… I love the huge stealth bombers that explode spectacularly, and the spider robot that backs off as it fights you.

Aero Fighters 2 is a two-button game. The first button shoots your normal weapon (the power of which can be built-up by killing enemies and collecting power-ups, or by collecting a rare power-up that immediately gives you full firepower). The second button fires a ‘special bomb’ attack that devastates everything on-screen. You only have a limited number of uses of this super weapon.

You can’t rely on your ‘special bomb’ either… In Aero Fighters 2 the best form of defence is attack, but definitely while weaving all over the place…

In tough arcade shooters, it always pays to be aggressive and to terminate your enemies with extreme prejudice. That’s just my Apocalypse Now training kicking in…

Aero Fighters 2 is a spectacular game. Arguably the best vertical-scrolling shooter on the Neo Geo. And it’s a decent two-player party game too. If you like vertical shooters, and haven’t played it, you’d be well advised to check it out.

More: Aero Fighters 2 on Wikipedia

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