Pac-Man Plus, Arcade

Another American Bally Midway variation of Namco‘s Pac-Man, shipped out into arcades in 1982 to take advantage of the PM craze sweeping the globe.

Both the gameplay and the graphics in Pac-Man Plus are almost identical to the original, except for these differences:

1. The maze is now coloured green and not blue (wowee!)
2. The ghosts are faster and more aggressive than in Pac-Man, making the game harder.
3. When Pac-Man eats a power pill the ghosts become invisible, as well as vulnerable.
4. The bonus fruits have been changed to cans of Coca Cola and other drinks.
5. Vulnerable ghosts are shorter and have a leaf protruding out of their heads.

One other important change is that eating a power pill this time has unpredictable effects. On occasion they will make the maze go invisible, or turn only three of the four ghosts blue… Extra random events that make the game a little bit more interesting.

More: Pac-Man Plus on Wikipedia

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