Microsurgeon, Intellivision

Microsurgeon is a fantasy action game set inside a human body, similar in many respects to the scenario in the classic film Fantastic Voyage.

You control a microscopic robot and must administer care to patients in need of it.

Inside the body you must be careful to move within veins and arteries, and the lymphatic system, so that white blood cells don’t attack you. By looking at the status screen you can pinpoint which part of the body needs help, then go to it. On arrival you must assess the ailment and administer one of three possible treatments (ultrasonic rays, antibiotics, or aspirin).

If you allow two or more major organs to become Terminal, then the game is over. If you run out of energy while inside the body the game also ends, so you have to try to keep topped-up, or make for the exit when you run out.

Considering that it was released in 1982, Microsurgeon is quite an interesting and imaginative game. Graphically it is colourful and appealing (unless you’re squeamish, but it’s hardly what I would call ‘gory’) and gameplay is quite compelling when you get into it. There’s even a two-player mode where one player controls the robot and the other administers the treatments.

More: Microsurgeon on Wikipedia

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