Fantastic Voyage, ZX Spectrum

An officially-licensed adaptation of the classic 1966 science fiction film, written by John R. Edmonds and published by Quicksilva in 1984.

Fantastic Voyage deals with the idea of miniaturising people and sending them inside another person’s body. In the film, a team of miniaturised people go into a human body inside a submarine. In the game: you’re on your own, with only a scuba diving suit, some flippers, and a laser gun between you and the hostile environment, and you have to find parts of your submarine and rebuild it so you can escape.

The basic idea is to cure the patient (ie. the body you’re inside) by locating and neutralising infections, which you can shoot with your laser, and also ‘growths’, which are removed by dropping white blood cells onto them. There are also cholesterol blockages to remove, deadly viruses, and other bodily hazards to contend with.

Fantastic Voyage isn’t a bad representation of the film, but it’s really nothing special overall. Playing it now, it’s still a playable and reasonably fun game, but a better interpretation of the film is possible.

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