Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Intellivision

This early, prototype RPG was initially released in 1982 under the title of “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” and was later re-named as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain to distinguish it from its sequel, Treasure of Tarmin.

Cloudy Mountain takes a different approach to adventuring than Treasure of Tarmin. In this you start by exploring a single-screen World map, then delve into dungeons that take a tunnel-like, overhead view for the dungeon-crawling. Similar in some ways to the Temple of Apshai games. The dungeons are randomly-generated each game, so are always different.

While Cloudy Mountain is not quite as good as Treasure of Tarmin it is a still an engrossing and tense RPG in its own right. Gaining a foothold is a challenge, but whether or not the game is worth it is down to individual taste.

More: Treasure of Tarmin on Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Intellivision”

  1. This game is in my top 5 Intellivision games. Possibly the top spot. As a kid I loved thinking about plotting my route to the Cloudy Mountain. What tools did I need to get there? Could I skip the purple/key mountains?
    And I can never get the sound of the snake or dragons napping. Such terror!
    BTW how did you get those screen shots? They look pristine.

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