Booga-Boo, Commodore 64

Quicksilva again allowed their programmers to mess up the name of this great game, originally titled Bugaboo (The Flea), but for some reason called Booga-Boo in this C64 conversion (same in the MSX version too).

Still, the name differences don’t really get in the way of a good game. C64 Booga-Boo plays as well as you might hope. Graphically the backgrounds are well drawn, but they scroll quite jerkily – a bit of a sin on a Commodore 64

Booga-Boo is just as infuriatingly difficult as the original. I almost made it out of the cave once, but couldn’t see how to make the correct jump. And that dragon is just born to niggle. And bloody niggle it does. Damn thing…

More: Bugaboo (The Flea) on Wikipedia

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