Bedlam, ZX Spectrum

Another classic ZX Spectrum game from Beam Software, Bedlam is a straightforward vertical-scroller, but done in an incredibly finessed manner.

The graphics are fast and colourful and the “bullet hell” style action is “hard but fair”. Bedlam basically does on a Spectrum what people had previously only seen in an arcade, and it does it extremely professionally. There are even hidden mini games built in (pinball!), to break up the blasting action.

Bedlam was published by GO! in 1988 and is often mixed-up with another ZX Spectrum game called Bedlam, released in 1983. Type “Bedlam ZX Spectrum” into a search engine and you’ll find lots of confused web pages (administered by simpletons, clearly) trying to claim that this is a simple-looking maze game. It isn’t. It’s one of the best shooters on the ZX Spectrum!

More: Bedlam on World of Spectrum

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