Ballblazer, Commodore 64

Lucasfilm Games released Ballblazer upon unsuspecting audiences back in March 1984 (actually, on Atari 8-bit systems first).

The game is a futuristic one-on-one sports game, with two players battling it out, from inside the confines of a small, floating vehicle, called a Rotofoil.

The aim of the game is to score goals, by throwing a ball between two goal posts, located at opposite ends of the playing field.

The Rotofoil’s view snaps between the ball (when out of possession), and the goal posts (when in possession).

Your opponent can intercept you and make a tackle, knocking the ball out of your control and back into free play. At which point you must both rush to grab it.

Pushing the ball through the goal scores one point, firing the ball through the posts from close range scores two points, and successfully scoring from long range (where the goalposts are not visible) scores three points.

Ballblazer is an extremely simple game, done extremely well. Split screen play. AI-controlled bots to play against. Atmospheric sound effects. A tug-of-war scoring system.

A timeless classic retro game. And in my opinion: the best version is on the Commodore 64.

More: Ballblazer on Wikipedia

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