Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, PlayStation

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is a superb party-based, level-grinding RPG, first released on the Sega Saturn in 1996 (as Lunar: The Silver Star), and brilliantly remade for the Sony PlayStation in 1998.

It was developed by Game Arts of Japan and features beautiful graphics, cutesy characters, weird monsters, over-the-top magic, and anime-style cut sequences – combined with engrossing Final Fantasy-style turn-based combat.

A personal favourite PlayStation game for me – showing off the system’s excellent 2D graphics capabilities (which really were outstanding compared to what had gone before).

Deep, involving, sweet – child-friendly – Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is video game adventuring at its very best.

Has also been reissued for both Windows and Apple iOS.

More: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on Wikipedia

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