Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of The Monster, Sega Saturn

Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of The Monster is a Myst-style point-and-click adventure game starring Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenstein. It was developed by Amazing Media and was first published for the PC by Interplay in 1995, and the Sega Saturn version – shown here – came out later, in 1997.

You play as the newly-created monster and must make your way through an amazingly complex series of locations and timed events, trying to meet your maker to confront him about why he made you. And all that cobblers…

Gameplay is driven by a hand cursor that you use to move around and interact with things, and the controller’s shoulder buttons turn you left and right at right angles. Movement in this is tile-based, essentially – similar to games like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder – but with extra flexibility for reaching special locations. Finding seemingly hidden places is more a case of moving the hand cursor around the screen and looking for context changes. Basically, if the cursor can interact with something it will change shape when positioned over it, so you need to have an eagle eye for these changes.

Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of The Monster is quite atmospheric and the graphics and sound are also very good too – both rendered to a quality that were exceptional for the time.

Whether the game would captivate you or not is down to personal taste. Myst-style games are popular, but not everyone likes them. As Myst-style games go: Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of The Monster is a worthwhile addition to the genre. It’s well-made and fairly complex. It’s also a relatively serious attempt to adapt Mary Shelley‘s original novel into a game. And it succeeds on some levels. I’d say that it’s worth a play if you like Tim Curry and hadn’t seen this before; or like Frankenstein games; or simply like Myst-style games.

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