Super Asteroids & Missile Command, Atari Lynx

Super Asteroids & Missile Command are a pair of conversions of two classic Atari arcade games – Asteroids and Missile Command – squeezed onto one cartridge and released for the Atari Lynx in 1995. These two games were apparently the very last to be released for the Atari Lynx.

Both ports offer enhanced graphics and gameplay, with colourful pixel-based explosions (and mushroom clouds, in the case of Missile Command).

In Super Asteroids you can pick up various power-ups that are new to the game, such as enhanced weapons; extra speed; more shield energy; super shields, and a ‘Blast Wave’ type smart bomb.

In Super Missile Command you even get the chance to access a shop between levels, so that you can buy enhanced missiles or defensive capabilities.

Both games are pretty decent conversions for a handheld and are still fun to play now, even though longevity in both is still quite limited.

More: Super Asteroids & Missile Command on Wikipedia

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