Trollie Wallie, Commodore 64

Released by Interceptor Software in 1984, Trollie Wallie is a scrolling platform game featuring a weird mouth on legs, called “Wallie“. It’s actually the sequel to Wheelin’ Wallie which came out through Interceptor earlier that same year.

Trollie Wallie was designed and programmed by Andrew Challis with graphics by Andrew‘s sister, Claire. The jolly music was once again provided by Graham Hansford, this time arranging versions of Popcorn by Hot Butter, and Equinox by Jean Michel Jarre, among others.

Gamelay is simple. Wallie must explore a large scrolling level set inside a supermarket. He can only carry five things at a time, though, so must grab what he can then return to the checkout at the beginning of the level to offload. Keep doing that for the forty items that are on the list and you’ll complete the game.

Trollie Wallie is a great improvement over Wheelin’ Wallie and the large scrolling levels are complex and interesting. Gameplay is still archaic in places (like the fall damage, which is very old school), but overall Trollie Wallie is still quite playable and challenging and is still worth exploring now.

More: Trollie Wallie on Wikipedia

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