Nonterraqueous, ZX Spectrum

A game with a strange name – actually the name of the planet you’re on: Nonterraqueous.

You control a robot ‘seeker drone’ on a mission to destroy the master computer that is threatening destruction of the entire planet.

Nonterraqueous is basically a flick-screen shoot ’em up where the aim is to avoid hazards and explore a large maze, looking for the master computer’s vulnerable central processing unit. Picking up bombs, and using them in the right places, will open up new routes into the maze.

Nonterraqueous was released on the Mastertronic budget label (selling for only £1.99) in 1985 and was written by Stephen N. Curtis.

I remember buying it as a teenager and quite enjoying playing it, but I never got close to completing the game.

How many screens does it feature? Well, looking at a map of the game, it appears to take place on a 24×42 grid, so that’s 1008 screens in total. Many of them very similar…

More: Nonterraqueous on Wikipedia

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