Monty Is Innocent, ZX Spectrum

Monty Is Innocent is an ‘anomaly’ in the famous Monty Mole series of games, from Gremlin Graphics.

Monty Is Innocent wasn’t designed or programmed by Pete Harrap, the original creator of Monty Mole, but by Chris Kerry (who pitched the idea to publisher Gremlin after having a hit with his game Jack and the Beanstalk). Gremlin liked the idea enough to green light the game and eventually release it as Monty is Innocent in 1985.

I have to admit not liking Monty Is Innocent very much, but then I hated Jack and the Beanstalk when I first played it. Chris Kerry‘s style of unforgiving gameplay didn’t (and still doesn’t) appeal to me, and Monty Is Innocent unfortunately fits into that style of gameplay. It’s not as soul-crushing as Jack and the Beanstalk, though, but it does have serious deficiencies.

Oh, and you don’t actually play as Monty Mole in Monty Is Innocent either, but as Sam Stoat, and Sam must enter the prison, find Monty, and escape with him. Enemies immediately spawn and chase you, so the key is to respond immediately as soon as a new screen pops up. Memorising the solution to each room is essential too.

Graphically: Monty Is Innocent is quite nice. It’s definitely an improvement on Chris Kerry‘s colour-clashing games of 1984 (see also: The House Jack Built and Giant’s Revenge). It’s not quite as detailed as a regular Monty Mole game, though.

Monty Is Innocent is too dissimilar to previous Monty Mole games, and too frustrating to play in general, to stand on its own as anything other than a curiosity.

More: Monty Is Innocent on Wikipedia

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