Windjammers, Neo Geo

Windjammers is a legendary two-player sports game from Data East, published on the Neo Geo in 1994. It can of course be played single-player, against the AI, too.

It is kind of a cross between tennis and Frisbee-throwing. Or maybe even table hockey and Frisbee-throwing… The intro screen describes itself as “the flying disc game“. It’s weird but fun, and instantly playable, whatever it is.

The aim is to catch and throw discs into your opponent’s goal area. Which is much easier said than done.

To score a goal you’ve got to get some power behind the disc, which can you do by knocking it into the air as it approaches you.  Once the disc has some power you can then throw it much harder – either bounce it off a wall, or try to blast your opponent back into the net with it.

If your opponent can’t return the disc then they score a “miss” and you get two points. The number of points you get for a goal depends on where the disc drops (into either the red and yellow areas).

To win a match in Windjammers you’ve got to win best out of three sets. Each set being timed; the highest scorer winning at the end of 30 seconds, or when a player reaches 12 points. If there’s a tie at the end of a set, both players are awarded a win.

With six different court surfaces (beach, lawn, tiled, concrete, clay, and stadium), and six playable players to choose from, Windjammers does provide some variety. Oh, and there’s a neat bonus game where you control a dog running along a beach to catch a Frisbee!

Windjammers is an excellent and unique sports game. A veritable classic on the Neo Geo. Decent party game too.

More: Windjammers on Wikipedia

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