Halls of the Things, ZX Spectrum

Halls of the Things is a 1983 release from Design Design and Crystal Computing. On the surface it looks like an RPG, but it’s more of an action game than anything.

You play a, erm, stick figure on a quest to find seven rings, buried deep within seven floors of a tower. Patrolling the tower are Things – monsters – that want nothing more than your head on a plate, so you must use your magic powers to blast them, before they blast you. You have a sword, but it’s next to useless because ranged spells are really required to kill the Things.

When you’ve collected all seven rings you then get access to the dungeon, which contains the key to open the drawbridge, and a path to escape.

Halls of the Things is a simple maze blaster, but it has aged quite well (considering that it’s 36 years old and counting), and is still fun to play now.

Note: the original creators of Halls of the Things made an enhanced remake (and released the source code with it) in 2011 and have released it for free on the internet. It’s well worth a download and play.

More: Halls of the Things on Wikipedia

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