Chuckie Egg, Amiga

Amiga Chuckie Egg is a bit hit and miss. Actually, it’s more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’ in my opinion.

For starters: the main character (Henhouse Harry) moves way too quickly – more quickly than in the original ZX Spectrum version – and sometimes too quickly to control properly. There are also not enough ostriches on the levels – the original has more, and is much more challenging. This is way too easy because the birds don’t provide much challenge (their AI is predictable as well). And: the ladders are too wide. Why do some programmers insist on changing these things? If it ain’t broke: don’t fix it…

You can apply that same theory to the graphics, which are – in my opinion – garish on the Amiga (but not quite as bad as the DOS version). Instead of making overly-busy and unnecessarily detailed backgrounds they should’ve added more levels. Or at the very least: more subtle use of graphics and colours. They’ve even changed Harry, into an egg! Sacrilege! 🙂

Amiga Chuckie Egg plays okay, but should have been a lot better. It’s certainly not what I would call a successful conversion.

More: Chuckie Egg on Wikipedia

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