Thin Ice, Intellivision

Also known as Duncan’s Thin Ice, this cute arcade-style action game was released by INTV Corporation in 1986.

It says “copyright 1983” on the title screen, though, which gives away a possible secret… I’m willing to bet that Thin Ice was in development at Mattel – and shelved – but later released ‘as is’ when INTV Corporation took over the Intellivision.

I just read some guy on the internet saying that his bet (about this game) was that it was “rushed out the door” to get it to market… Duh, nope. Quite the opposite. Look at the title screen. It doesn’t say “copyright 1983” for no reason…

Thin Ice looks quite nice. It has cute, colourful graphics, but the gameplay is definitely super flawed. There just isn’t much to it, and what there is is almost impossible. All the hallmarks of an unfinished game being sent to market…

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