H.A.T.E., Atari ST

H.A.T.E. is a pretty good conversion of a well-known ZX Spectrum shoot ’em up. It was published by Gremlin Graphics in 1989.

H.A.T.E. is subtitled “Hostile All-Terrain Encounter“, which it is, being a loose sequel to Vortex Software‘s classic Highway Encounter (H.A.T.E. was made by the same guy and uses the same viewpoint).

H.A.T.E. is an isometric scrolling shooter, very much in the mould of Zaxxon. In some levels you fly a fighter jet; in others you drive a tank; in others a hovercraft or a space ship. The same process unfolds in every level though: you move diagonally up the playfield and have to shoot your way to the end.

H.A.T.E. is a playable and attractive 16-bit conversion but lacks speed and excitement. It does have its fans though.

More: H.A.T.E. on Wikipedia

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