Super Zaxxon, Arcade

Sega wasted little time making a sequel to Zaxxon, its groundbreaking isometric shooter from 1981.

Super Zaxxon came out in 1982 and features pretty much the same kind of gameplay as Zaxxon. Only at a faster speed, and with more persistent enemies. The level of difficulty is just insane! Trying to shoot fuel dumps (to keep your fuel up), while negotiating gaps in walls, is what it’s all about.

Super Zaxxon is essentially Zaxxon all over again, but with a tunnel instead of space this time. The end boss Zaxxon gets a make-over and the graphics have been changed a bit here and there. It’s a pity Sega didn’t make more out of it instead of just speeding the game up. It seemed to please Zaxxon fans though.

More: Super Zaxxon on Wikipedia

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