Toilet Kids, PC Engine

Toilet Kids (PC Engine, 1992) isn’t a bad game in itself, although the idea behind it is unquestionably puerile.

It’s basically a Xevious-style (bomb things on the ground/shoot things in the sky) vertical shooter, but with all the enemies and suchlike representing toileting matters… Turds, wee, poo, chocolate chowder – whatever you want to call them – are fully featured in Toilet Kids, although thankfully in a satirical and cartoon manner, rather than a realistically scatological one.

Toilet Kids does have it moments, like shooting the flies off the top of a giant turd. Or the “turd-tles”… See? It’s really high-brow humour!

Toilet Kids is challenging and solid enough to play as a console shooter. The simultaneous two-player mode also makes it an interesting party game to introduce your friends to. Well, the friends you don’t mind weirding out…

More: Toilet Kids on YouTube

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