The Lost Vikings, Super Nintendo

The Lost Vikings is a platform/puzzle game developed by Silicon & Synapse (now Blizzard Entertainment), and was originally released for the Super Nintendo by Interplay in 1993.

The puzzles are mostly of the “find the right key for the right door” variety, but the way you get the keys is the genius part of the game. You control each of the three Vikings separately, and each has a unique ability that allows them to do things the other can’t. For example: the red Viking, Erik, can run, jump and bash through walls. Olaf, the Viking with the shield, can use it to block enemies and their projectiles; can use it to ‘hang glide’ over distances; and can also use it as a platform for the others to climb on. The third Viking, Baleog, can kill enemies with his sword, or – from a distance – using a bow. He can also hit switches with it too.

In the single-player game you switch between Vikings and go about puzzling on your own. There’s also a two-player game, whereby each player controls a Viking each, and can switch between the third. I don’t know why the developers didn’t introduce a simultaneous three-player game though. Possibly because – with you all playing on a single screen – it would have been difficult to accommodate.

The Lost Vikings is a Super Nintendo classic with great presentation and compelling gameplay. If you want to play an early Blizzard game: this one comes highly recommended.

More: The Lost Vikings on Wikipedia


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