Robotron: 2084, Arcade

Williams Electronicssavage and heart-pounding single-screen shoot ’em up, Robotron: 2084 (1982), used twin joysticks to give the player 360 degree firing action, while at the same time allowing full 360 degree movement.

Controlling a small human scientist, you must blast your way through waves upon waves of killer robots in order to save other human families which are trapped in the chaos. Touching them is enough to rescue them. Which is good because the speed at which the enemies come at you doesn’t give you much time to do little other than aim/shoot and hope for the best…

Some robots change and become more hostile, so you have to try to be strategic as well – taking out the more dangerous baddies sooner, or veering away towards where the human families are for the bonus points.

And – unless you’re fully focussed when a game begins – don’t expect play to last more than ten seconds…

In Robotron: 2084, no quarter is given or expected!

More: Robotron: 2084 on Wikipedia

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